Matthias Grauwinkel is an experienced German-based freelance photographer, working from his studio in Berlin. He studied Photography & Photographic Design in Berlin, Germany, where he graduated with honors. Matthias has also lectured at the Deutsche POP Academy at Deutsche POP (a private academy of applied science) for photography & photographic design since 2011. He was born in Berlin, and raised in Grunewald.

At age eleven, Matthias began photographing local high school kids with an old analog SLR camera, a gift from his father. His devotion to photography has developed from a youthful obsession into a professional career as an architectural, fashion, and lifestyle photographer. In addition to his editorial work, his photographs have been shown in several Berlin galleries to great acclaim.

His clients include Prof. Hans Kollhoff (Architect, and Professor of Architecture & Construction at the ETH Zürich), the CEOs of NOW GmbH (National Hydrogen Organization), Deutsche Bauchemie, Graf & Frey, H2 Mobility, Droste zu Senden Architects,, Abena, IDE The Connectory and many more. His clients also include an impressive and growing selection of celebrities, including current stars of the stage & screen, and the music industry.

Matthias lives in Berlin with his wife, Jennyfer, and their beautiful children.